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Venture Capital
Allied Venture Partners invests in early-stage software and tech companies based in USA and Canada.
Max Funding N/A
Allied Venture Partners
Venture Capital
Pallasite Ventures invests in early stage Seed & Series A deals companies across multiple industries, primarly consumer-focused.
Max Funding N/A
Pallasite Ventures
Venture Capital
Venture capital firm with offices in USA and Canada. Sofinnova invests in life sciences companies, primarily focused on therapeutic drugs.
Max Funding N/A
Sofinnova Ventures
Venture Capital
Funding for the launch of novel biotechnology companies. Invests in biotechnology companies discovering and developing therapeutics.
Max Funding N/A
Versant Ventures
Loans for leasehold improvements, equipment (including vehicles for business purposes), real property (including real property improvements), intangible assets, and working capital.
Max Funding $1,000,000.00
Scotiabank - Canadian Small Business Financing Program – Term Loan
Funding for Canadian companies for development and demonstration of new environmental technologies across multiple industries.
Max Funding N/A
Financial incentives in form of tax credit and funding for Ontario based filmmakers for various activities.
Max Funding N/A
Ontario Creates - Ontario Film Comission
Wage/Internship Subsidy
Wage subsidies to cover a 16-week paid work-integrated learning placement in the cybersecurity sector
Max Funding $7,000.00
ICTC CTIC - Cybersecurity Training and Work Integrated Learning Program
Two funding streams to help Alberta SMEs and corporations reduce emissios.
Max Funding N/A
Emissions Reduction Alberta

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