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Funding and assistance for Quebec based companies that want to increase their presence on the US market. Funding is aveilable for companies that qualify for the Quebec government’s Export Program.
Max Funding $80,000.00
Gouvernement du Québec, Accelerated Growth Center
Funding for entrepreneurs and SMBs developing new ideas or approaches that will positively impact Ontarian communities.
Max Funding $75,000.00
Ontario Trilium Foundation - Seed Grants
Funding for community projects that are evidence-based and drive at achieving greater impact in their community.
Max Funding $250,000.00
Ontario Trilium Foundation - Grow Grants
Funding to help Ontario manufacturers and innovation-based businesses overcome innovation challenges
Max Funding N/A
Funding for Toronto social entrepreneurs to cover human resources, training costs or take part in entrepreneurship support programs.
Max Funding $10,000.00
Toronto Enterprise Fund
Funding to help Montreal startups develop innovative products and services
Max Funding $20,000.00
?Mtl Inc. - Grant+
Tax incentives to encourage Canadian businesses in all sectors to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada.
Max Funding N/A
Government of Canada - Scientific Research and Experimental Development - tax incentive
Financial assistance to cover 50% of the cost of training for Canadian manufacturers to enroll their employees in selected skills development and certification programs.
Max Funding N/A
Next Generation Manufacturing Canada - AMPUP Program
Funding for developing infrastructure projects in remote or rural communities.
Max Funding N/A
Universal Broadband Fund

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