We help Canadian small businesses with their funding needs.

Small business loans, grants, credit, all in one place.

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Find the best financing options for your business, in one place.

Hundreds of small business loans, grants and other financing options are available for Canadian businesses.

FundingHQ helps you find the right funding for your small business.

We built a Canadian small business funding search engine.

Small business loans, government grants, business credit cards

FundingHQ is the one-stop funding source for Canadian small businesses.

We’ve built an automated aggregator of all available small business funding from hundreds of Government and private lenders across Canada.

Our mission is to help Canadian small businesses grow and prosper by matching them with the best funding available.

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Search hundreds of small business loans, grants, credit and financing sources available.

Find the ones that best fit your funding needs and compare the providers, terms and time to funds.

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